3 Facebook Ads every coach and course creator should be running


It can feel easy to get overwhelmed with all the different types of ads that are out there when it comes to planning a strategy that work for you. Which campaign types are the right ones to set up to consistently bring new leads and sales into your coaching business or online course?


The 3 types of ads every coach, service provider, and course creator should be running when they’re ready to massively scale with Facebook ads


One of the biggest mistakes I see over and over as a Facecbook ads strategist is business owners just throwing up a single ad and hoping that it will  make them rich. Sadly, ads don’t work like that anymore. 


You need an actual strategy that is supported by your budget to get amazing results with paid advertising. These three types of ads are what I use to get consistent and scalable results for nearly all of my agency clients. 


Let’s Get Visible

People need to know that you exist. And sadly with the organic algorithm that can feel like an uphill battle.That is why visibility ads are one of my favorite low cost ad strategies to run. 


This type of campaign does exactly what the headline says. It gets you in front of the right people.


Visibility  ads can help increase your brand awareness and start to position you as the go to authority in your niche. I genuinely like to think of these types of ads as relationship budding ads. 


You can run visibility ads as a video view or engagement type of campaign, and ultimately you are sharing some of your best content without asking for anything in return. 


Just show up, tell people who you are and give a ton of great value. 


Probably the best part of these type of ads, besides being hella easy on your budget,  you can actually take that awesome organic content that no one is seeing and plaster it all over the newsfeed. Tastefully of course. 


Once you have visibility ads set up and your ideal clients are seeing you EVERYWHERE it’s time to layer in our second type of ads


Get more leads with Facebook Ads


The second type of ad to later in is Lead Generation ads. These type of ads have a specific ask for something in return. Usually you get an email address  (a new lead) and you give them something cool and useful in return. 


You’ve seen these type of ads everywhere, and probably have signed up for one or ten. 


This type of campaign is commonly called a conversion campaign, where you set up a specific event for Facebook to count as a conversion. Usually a sign up for your lead magnet. 


You can also use Facebook’s lead generation objective to gather new lead information without the prospect ever having to leave facebook. 


Typical costs per lead can range anywhere from $2-5, depending on your niche. The good news is, if you have already been running visibility ads and gaining traction with a cold audience, you can bring this number down considerably. 


This is important to think about when calculating your budget for your desired list growth. 


Lead generation ads are definitely something that you should be running pretty much every  day. You can utilize these type of ads to grow your list for you on autopilot in the background, whether you are launching or not. 

Keep top of mind


The final piece of this ad trifecta is to stay top of mind with your ever growing audience. This is where most ad strategies drop the ball. They let the lead gen ads do the heavy lifting and then rely on you to nurture your new audience through your email list. 


But the funny thing about email is…not everyone cares about it. Things go to spam, people let their inboxes overflow, and there are hundreds of other reasons why relying on email alone just isn’t a good idea. 


And that is where retargeting ads come into play. And that means we continue to get in front of our existing audience on a regular basis, through our paid ads. 


Retargeting ads can be a mixture of reach or engagement ads, and are meant to cycle in front of both new and old audiences to stay top of mind and build further rapport. 


You can use these type of ads to share more of your awesome content, with an engagement campaign, or move them to the next step with you by sending them to a webinar or your next launch challenge. 


The next step is really up to you as you use these ads to continue to nurture your relationship with your audience. The best part is that you will stand out and be known much faster than someone running a single lead campaign and showing up randomly in an inbox. 


Instead we are showing up consistently, without added effort (thank you ads) and building rapport and authority along the way. 


When it comes time to ask for the sale, it will be an easy yes, from those who have had the chance to get to like you, know you and trust you (because you are EVERYWHERE) over the length of your campaign. 

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