Done For You Meta™ADS

That Scale your Creative business FAST

You know what success looks like in your business, and now you’re ready to kick it up a notch (BAM!) with a paid ad strategy that aligns with your values and goals. 

If you have a tested offer that your audience raves about – it’s time to harness the power of paid ads to attract more of your people and scale beyond your organic reach.

Full Service Ads management can be tailored to your evergreen webinar or high ticket application offer.

At Sparkle and Scale we are your PARTNER when it comes to creating relationship centered ad campaigns that speak to your ideal clients while taking the burden of paid advertising off your plate.

This is the perfect option if you are ready to take everything off your plate and have a monthly ad spend budget of at least $1500.up 

Investment starts at: $2000/mo
(min. 4 month contract)

  • Ad and ad account audit
  • Full funnel audit
  • Domain verification and IOS compliance
  • Pixel set up / placement and conversion tracking
  • Audience research and targeting
  • 60 minute strategy call
  • Professional direct response copy and graphics
  • Content direction for audience building and nurture ads
  • Unlimited ad campaigns
  • Signature testing process
  • Daily monitoring and optimization (M-Th)
  • Fresh creatives monthly
  • Audience retargeting
  • Weekly analytic reporting with video walkthrough
  • Private client portal & communication channel

Our Signature Spark Framework

Our 5 step SPARK Formula guarantees success in a way that not only aligns with your business values, but is centered on building long term sustainable relationships.

We don’t do icky, sleezy, bro marketing around these parts. 

[S]: Sparkle Messaging

A deep dive into your current offers, and processes to taps into the unique messaging and values in your business that set you apart from your competition. This gets infused throughout your entire strategy to insure we meet your ideal clients at every part of their journey

[P]: Position and Prep


Authentic authority building ads that rapidly increase your brand awareness, position you as the go to expert in your niche and quickly build a warm audience of raving fans who can’t wait to work with you

[A]: Ads That Inspire Action

High converting direct response ad copy  & graphics created specifically for your target audience will make your offer magnetic, delivering high-quality leads that grow your list and fill your programs while you sleep (or sip sour beers by the pool)

[R]: Retargeting and Nurture

Seal the deal and increase conversions while nurturing your existing warm audience with your best content and retargeting audience members inside your funnel. You’ll hear them saying ” I see you freakin’ everywhere!”

[K] KPI’s and Tracking

With ongoing daily optimization and weekly updates you’ll never have to wonder how your ads are performing. We love data and we will walk you through the results so you know exactly what you are looking at when it comes to the numbers.

What makes us a match?

  • You’re a creative coach or course creator who is ready to partner with an expert in meta ads to help you scale in the quickest (and easiest) way possible 
  • You want to generate tons of high-quality leads and make MORE sales with an authentic ad strategy that aligns with your personal and business values
  • You have a proven offer with a high converting funnel
  • You want an ad team that you can trust to build and manage high performing, customer centered ad campaigns 
  • You’re at or around the 6 or multiple 6 figure mark
  • You’re looking for REAL feedback and optimization recommendations for your funnel
  • You get that Facebook Advertising is not some quick fix and you are ready to commit and make a profitable investment for the long term