How to Hire an Ad Agency or Ad Manager with Confidence

Thinking about hiring an ads manager to help you generate more leads and sales on autopilot? It can feel scary bringing a partner to help you grow or scale your business. And when it comes to finding the perfect fit for you, you might not even know where to start in finding the perfect partner. 


In all truth, a few of the things you need to think about come along even before you start to reach out and schedule calls with potential fits and they go beyond knowing if you are ready to hire or not. 




Hiring an ad manager or agency for your business is a partnership. And while Facebook ad management is a service that is provided, a great ad manager doesn’t work FOR you, they work WITH you to help you scale your business with a long term strategy that aligns with your values and goals. 


Ideally you want to think about what you envision this partnership to look like. How do you prefer to be served? If you aren’t sure on what you want your overall experience to look like when it comes to working with a service provider, you could potentially have a hard time finding the perfect fit for you and your business. 


If you’ve had less than ideal experiences with another ad manager or an agency (or even another service provider where you just felt like a number, this is a great place to draw experience from.


One thing that our clients  at Sparkle and Scale love is that we only work with a set amount of clients each month. This allows us to give each and every person and their account the attention it deserves. 


It also gives us the space us to create custom strategies for each and every client we work with depending on their business and goals, instead of a cookie cutter strategy that might not yield the best results.


Anyone can throw up a Facebook ad with a budget behind it and call themselves an ad manager. But a true partner will take your unique business, values and goals into consideration when creating a strategy.




Do you know what type of client you are? This is definitely something to think about when it comes to investing in ads management, because at the end of the day you want to feel confident in your choice and know that your account is in the right hands. 

Do you like high touch and high communication? Or are you fine with handing things over and not really caring or knowing what is happening behind the scenes with your ad account?


Knowing what type of client YOU are can help determine what type of Ad Manager will suit you best.


For example, our clients like high touch and communication so our white glove style agency is exactly what they’re looking for. 


They always know what is happening inside their ad account and they get weekly easy to understand breakdowns on their budget and results. 


Since communication and relationships are one of the driving values at Sparkle and Scale, our clients know that we are here to support them as a partner. And while rarely if they do have the need to to reach out they know they will get a prompt response during business hours. 




Once you have a good idea about what you are actually looking for, you will probably end up speaking with a few ad managers or agencies to find the perfect fit. 


Calls like this can range from a simple let’s see if we are a fit to work together, like the ones we have with our potential fit clients to a full blown high pressure sales call with someone who may or may not even be involved in your actual day to day ad management.

Again, this really goes back to the type of people you enjoy working with, and you probably have a few questions you want to ask them including what kind of results they have gotten for similar clients, and what the process looks like to work with them. 


But one not to miss question is one that a lot of coaches don’t think of. And it’s to find out what they are doing to combat the loss of data from the iOS updates. 


You have probably heard of them and how they have affected ads and their performance over the last year, but the largest impact they have had is that they have skewed some of the data that was previously collected in the back end of Facebook ads manager. 


Every good Ad Manager is using some alternate source for data gathering post iOS,  and not just relying on the back end of Facebook ad manager.


We use Google Analytics and make sure to set up all of our clients with robust tracking and we are currently testing some fun reporting dashboards to give a more visual review of what is happening with results.


You simply cannot rely on JUST data from Facebook Ads Manager anymore, and this is one of the reasons you hear people complaining about how ads don’t work anymore. 


Any good Ad Manager will know this and be on top of their game. If they aren’t using some alternate form of data analytics you just won’t be getting the best picture of what’s happening inside your business. 


These are just three of the top things to start with when it comes to outsourcing your Facebook and Instagram ads to an ad manager or agency.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring an ad manager or agency, and you’re looking for a high touch, high communication partner who is invested in your business we might be the right fit. 

Click here to learn more about our done for you ad management services and book a call to speak with me (Genevieve) personally and let’s see if outsourcing ads is the next step to scale your business.

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