How To Stop Wasting Your Money on Paid Ads

Afraid you’ll waste your money running paid ads to get clients? Here’s how to stop wasting money on ads and plan for success.
One of the biggest fears that comes up with the coaches that I work with is that they’re going to waste their money on ads and have nothing to show for it in the end.
This is a legit fear to have 😳
Like all of the other investments you’ve made in your business, you want to see a return for the time and money that you put in.
So what is the answer when you’ve been running ad campaigns and they just aren’t “working out” the way you wanted?
Here are a few things you can put into place to make sure that your campaigns perform before you ever get started.

The First Step To Take Before You Ever Get Started

Establish what your actual goals are with your campaign and make sure that the strategy you choose is aligned with your budget.
Even if you have a small budget (less than $500/month) there are strategies that can work for you. They might just be different from what you have in mind.

Know your numbers!

It isn’t enough to go by the typical “industry standards” when it comes to cost per lead. Cheap leads don’t always equal quality leads.
Knowing your average customer value, can give you an idea of how much you can spend to acquire a new customer in the long run. Having an idea of what these numbers are can keep you from chasing after “cheaper leads” that will never turn into clients.

Be patient

Giving your ads enough time to optimize is KEY. If you are turning your ads off and on because you don’t like the initial results, you are doing more harm than good.
Wait at least 48-72 hours to give Facebook enough time to know who to send your ads to. At that time you can confidently know what is and isn’t working and make the changes you might need.

Test your offer before you run ads

If you have more money than time then you can always go straight to ads.
But knowing that your offer converts to your organic audience (even if it is a free offer) is ideal before putting money behind it.
Ads aren’t magic, in fact they only AMPLIFY what’s already working. So if your offer isn’t on point, no amount of ad spend is going to help it convert.
Campaign success starts before you ever get started in Ads Manager and having a plan in place can assure that you make your decisions based on the data that you are seeing instead of your emotions and fear of losing your investment in ads.
Does knowing this make you feel a little more confident in moving forward with a paid ad strategy?

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