How to Get more Webinar Registrations Using Facebook Ads


Have you thought about using Facebook ads to fill your next webinar or challenge event launch? It’s a no brainer that ads can get your registration page in front of more interested eyeballs, but the key to success with your launch is actually knowing WHEN to start getting in front of those interested people. 

The Truth About Launching Your Event


The one thing that so many online “marketers” don’t really understand is that marketing and launching in itself is really a numbers game. And I don’t mean the kind of math where you just need to divide your desired revenue goal by the cost of the offer to figure out how many you need to sell. 

This is a handy number to know, but in reality just knowing how many you need to sell doesn’t tell you anything about how you are actually going to hit that number. 

What you really need to know is how much money you want to make during your launch or event, and how many people you actually need to get into your funnel to hit that.

It’s all about Eyeballs and Conversion Rates

When it comes to a sign up page, an event or a sales page, only a fraction of the people who see those things, are actually going to move on to the next step. 

So if 100 people click over to your landing page to sign up for your webinar, only around 20-30% might sign up and give you their email address.

So now you have 2-30 people registered. Of those 20-30 people a shocking 10-30% will actually show up for your event. That is around 4-6 people. 


And I am even more sorry to break it to you that of those 4-6 people who show up, 1-3% will convert into actual paying customers.

When you start realizing these actual percentages it helps you realize that you need to get in front of a lot more people than you think to reach your actual revenue goals. 

And that is where Facebook ads come in for the win because they can actually help you get in front of more of the RIGHT eyeballs.


What Most Coaches and Course Creators are doing wrong when it comes to ads

So how do you plan an effective webinar (or challenge launch)  ad campaign that you know is going to give you the best results. 

Typically whenever a coach or course creator is getting ready to launch they start running ads for their event about 10 -14 days in advance. 

These straight to registration page ads are targeted to a cold audience (people that have never heard of you before) and the goal is to get them to register for your upcoming event. 

While this can absolutely work, it can also be very expensive. To the tune of $3-11 per registration depending on your niche. 

Thankfully there is a much better way to grow your audience before your big event and it’s not only going to grow an email list of raving fans, it will also bring down your cost per registration considerably. 

In fact when implementing this for a recent Sparkle and Scale client, we were able to bring her cost per lead down from $5.40 to $.86!

Wanna know what we did different?


Use Facebook Ads to build relationships

Instead of coming in and blasting an ad to cold audiences we started building and nurturing an audience of our own well before our target launch date. 

Where most coaches and course creators launching come in at 10-14 days before the event. We start a whole 45-90 days to start building that audience and growing relationships. 

This extra timeline allowed us to get those same cold audiences into our orbit, let them know who we are and what we do, and deliver some amazing value to them. 

So when it came time for the actual launch event ads, they already knew us, liked us, trusted us, and couldn’t wait to learn more from us. 

The main strategy we used to accomplish this was by using Sparkle Everywhere ads that amplify organic reach, connect with a new audience in a genuine way, and allow our clients to dominate the newsfeed and position them as the go to authority in their niche. 

We also implemented lead magnet ads to get that same cold audience signed up for an email list prior to launch. In fact, growing your list is something that should be done on a daily basis, if you really want to be able to scale your business. 

When it comes down to planning for a successful launch ( or even evergreen event) the number one thing is make sure you plan well in advance. This will allow you to get in front of enough people to hit  your amazing revenue goals. Don’t wait until the last minute to throw some random registrations ads up there and hope to get people. In reality you probably need a lot more people registered for your event than you actually think.

If you want to know exactly how many people you need to get registered for your next launch… I’ve put together a free calculator that will give you the exact details on hitting those lofty revenue goals.



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