The Shocking Organic Strategies That Are Keeping You Stuck

Are you wasting your time and energy with organic growth strategies that just kind of suck? It’s easy to think that organic strategies are the key to growth because they are FREE! But they can often keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle with slow to now growth.


Traditional Organic Growth Methods are Keeping You Stuck

Organic growth can be a great way to grow your audience, generate new leads, and make sales. In fact many “guru’s” tout it as the holy grail of digital marketing. And while I am a firm believer in having a traffic ecosystem that includes multiple streams (from organic to paid) it’s no secret that many organic strategies keep entrepreneurs stuck in their growth. Sometimes for years. 

One reason is that organic marketing almost always requires a lot of your time and energy. Two non-renewable resources. And more than likely two of the things you wanted more of when you started your business. 

Strategies like daily posting on social media, going live 365 days in a row and learning the latest dance craze to make a Tik Tok or Reel keep you in constant creation mode. It can feel like a content hamster wheel that you can seem to hop off of. 

And it’s a surefire way to burnout. 

Despite the time and effort that you are usually putting into creating, the worst part is usually once we get our amazing content posts, we don’t even actually get it  in front of the people that we’re trying to get to see it. Our IDEAL AUDIENCE!


It Can Take A Lot Of Time To See Results

You may have been told that if you want to reach your people you need to start a blog, or a podcast. Or maybe you are off to start a YouTube channel so you can give your audience the information they are already looking for. 

Search traffic is great, because you can get in front of the people who are already looking for the solution you provide. No convincing them they have a problem. Easy Peasy. 

But if you have tried any of these strategies, you know that it isn’t a quick fix solution to you lead generation woes. 

Not only do these strategies take a lot of time to set up properly, they require ongoing maintenance to keep the system working. So much in fact that it is often a good idea to hire a marketing assistant or VA to help out with the tasks. 

Once you have the system up and running it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to start seeing consistent results. A lot of people will get frustrated with the fact that they need to create something weekly for the next 6 months to a year before they ever see the fruits of their labor start to materialize. 

Again, this is an AMAZING strategy to implement, but it is a long term solution. And there is a reason that entrepreneurs with large teams are the only ones “doing it all”.


Are You Using Outdated Tactics?


The last thing that I see a lot  that keeps so many people stuck is actually using outdated tactics that don’t really work anymore. 

These are things like follow unfollow, where you might follow 30 people on Instagram every single day, with the hopes that they follow you back. 

Tactics like these don’t work, because often you attract random people who aren’t ideal clients, and let’s just be honest, it isn’t a real strategy. 

Hanging out in other people’s Facebook groups. Admit it. You were told at some point while starting your business to go into other people’s free Facebook groups and “give value”. I know that I was. And it was probably the strategy that I hated the absolute most. 

It’s always obvious that almost everyone in these free groups are there for the sole purpose of promoting themselves. So it can feel like you are putting a lot of effort into creating posts that no one really cares about. Again, because they are there for themselves. 

Lastly let’s talk about DMing strangers with a thinly veiled script that’s supposed to pretend like you’re interested and who they are and what they’re doing and but really, it’s just some type of pitch for your product.

If someone has told you to do this, chances are it worked for them ages ago, and they just haven’t caught up with the times, OR they believe in sleezy pressure based sales tactics that can leave you feeling icky. 

People hands down HATE being approached by strangers to buy something. Just think of the last time you went to the mall and that guy at the perfume kiosk wanted to give you a perfume sample. You probably walked right past and pretended to not hear him. 

It’s the real life comparison to sending a DM to a stranger, but at least with the guy in the mall you walked into his area, and he asked you how you were doing today before trying to sell to you. 

There Is An Easier Way to Increase Your Leads and Revenue

If you’re doing any of these organic strategies it’s ok (except for the cold DMing thing. Stop that now). 

Luckily there is an easier way to grow your audience, increase your organic reach, and generate highly targeted leads while you sip on white claws at the pool. 

It’s Facebook ads. Most people think about Facebook ads only as direct response ads. Which are the type that you likely see the most on your feed.

These are ads that say things like

“Sign Up for my Free Workshop”

“Buy this amazing thing for $27”

But Facebook ads can also be used for brand awareness, and to grow an audience of raving fans well even if you aren’t currently selling anything. 

Facebook ads can be used to amplify the amazing content you are creating. So that you can go from creating daily, to once or twice a week and finally start creating the time freedom that you are looking for in your business. 


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