How to Sell your Course or Program Without An Audience

The Truth about Launching Without An Audience

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say you don’t have to have an audience to launch your offer, I probably wouldn’t be relying on my Facebook Ad prowess to provide for me and my family. 

You’ve probably heard it too. And maybe you’ve done it yourself. And you are probably asking, how do you sell a course or program without an audience?

You’ve probably seen some guru talking about how they launched without an audience and made  $60,000 in three days. But if you really think about it, if they didn’t have a warm audience then who actually bought from them?

There’s no way to hit realistic launch figures if you don’t have people to sell to. 

So the experts claiming these numbers  had to have some type of audience somewhere. People that like, know and trust you don’t just materialize out of thin air. 

I have helped clients have multiple six figure launches multiple times. But they all had that one thing in common. They all had an audience of some sort. 

It could be an audience that they had already existing on social media, maybe it’s an email list that they worked in advance of their launch to build. 

There is also the possibility of borrowing other people’s audiences and working with affiliates (a whole ‘nother ballgame) But the truth is, there is an audience somewhere somehow of people who are ready to buy from them. 

Why Your Launch Flopped

If you are one of the many who have bought into the “you don’t need an audience to launch” myth, then more than likely you didn’t hit your revenue goals for that launch. Because the truth is, you need to have people to sell to. 

Selling is all about numbers. The numbers being your conversion rates, and how many people actually see your offer when it’s live. Its important to keep in mind that a mere fraction of your audience will even see or click through to check out the details of your offer. And only about 1% will actually purchase. 

Yep 1% is an industry standard, that even experts like Denise DT, and Amy Porterfield consider to be a great conversion rate. 

So this means that for every 100 people that head to your sales page, you can expect 1 of those people to purchase. 

This really puts things into perspective when it comes to knowing how much traffic and pre-warmed audience you actually need in order to make your launch a success.


How to grow your pre-launch audience


Prepping for your launch begins way before the two weeks before your launch event. This is when I usually see coaches and course creators running ads to their challenge or live webinar. 

Growing your email list isn’t something that should be reserved for your launch period to get people into your launch event. It is something that you need to be doing each and every day. 

The good news, you don’t have to create organic content every single day or the week, drop into DMs, or dance and point at word bubbles to grow your audience daily. 

You can start by digging out your best performing lead magnet and letting people know that it exists. 

Drop it on social media, link it in your LinkedIN bio, make sure you are posting it on your personal profile. Whatever you do, don’t assume that people are going to just show up on your website and download your free thing. You need to be putting your amazing free thing in front of people on a regular basis so that they know it exists. 

Grow Your Relationship

Once someone has downloaded your lead magnet, or taken your quiz you don’t want to stop there. You need to make sure you have an amazing follow up email sequence. This is often called a nurture sequence, because it nurtures a relationship with your new subscribers. 

This is usually a series of 5 or more emails that let’s your audience know what to expect from you, gives them a ton of valuable information about your subject, and also allows them to see into your personal world a bit. 

And don’t drop the ball there. Continue to touch base with your email list on a regular basis (whether you are selling something or not). Remember the purpose of your email list is to create a relationship with your audience. It isn’t just to have a quick list to sell to when you feel like it. 

How to accelerate your list growth

My most favorite low cost ad strategies for growing my list daily is to use Engagement ads. Yep. 

Not only do these type of ads only cost a few dollars a day, they allow the right people to see the amazing organic content and value  that you are already creating. It’s literally just putting your pre-existing content in front of people who didn’t know you existed before. 

Even better, once you are ready to launch your offer, or run ads to your lead magnet, you already have built up a semi-warm audience of people that you can retarget to pull further into your orbit. 

I use this strategy for myself and my 6 figure clients with a combination of engagement and lead generation ads to grow our lists EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR. 

The result? When it is time to finally launch you have an audience of raving fans who can’t wait to buy from you. 

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